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why does mta 0.5 have a virus in it. when i ran my anti-virus program, i didn't expect mta 0.5 to have one, WTF is goin on. holla back!

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Check the Known Issues Treath:

Your virus scanner informs you that the Multi Theft Auto 0.5 executeable is a virus or malware

MTA does not contain any viruses, malware, adware or spyware. If your virus scanner informs you that it is infected, either you have a virus on your computer that is infecting your files, or one of our mirrors has been infected with a virus or your virus scanner is making a mistake. McAfee has been known to make this mistake. We've informed NAI of this, but they've yet to fix it. In the meantime, disable your virus scanner while playing. Also, ensure you only download from this site. This link is hosted by our webhost. Use this if you doubt the validity of your copy of MTA.

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