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Car mods

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How exactly are car mods made? I know more or less how to install them, but how do people phisically make them and open while making them?

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Mods aren't exactly 'physically' made, however at some point someone creates a model and a texture.
In case of a ported car (eg. GTA V, NFS, ...) usually a game studio like Rockstar made the car model and textures. The modder takes those and adjusts them to GTASA/MTASA.
In other cases the modder might create the model himself, probably from images of the real vehicle.

Last but not least technology advanced so far in the last years that you can take a bunch of photos of an object and the computer will use those to calculate the model and textures for you, however models made that way aren't usually 'game ready', meaning they are of poor quality.

To get a better idea of models and textures you can probably just look those terms up and if you want to get specifically into making car mods for GTASA you can google that or search on

Also most tools for modding GTASA are free :)

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