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ServerProject.eu - most popular MTA hosting provider in Poland now available worldwide, prices starting from less than ~1.5€

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Hello GTA Maniacs,
we are most popular MTA:SA server provider in Poland or even in whole Europe and this is our offer.

Prices starting from less than 1.5€ for 20 slots server! ORDER NOW with coupon below and get 10% off.

coupon_icon.png  mtaisawesome <- 10% OFF COUPON

You will get for free:

- MySQL Database - necessary to run some mods, phpmyadmin and custom accounts available,
- Mumble Voice Server - provide communication with team mates
- Itemshop - configurable webshop
- .MTASA.eu  domain for your server! 1

Current locations:

Poland.png  Eastern Europe - Poland / Warsaw
France.png  Central Europe - France

Features available in our custom, one and only, awesome game control panel:

>> Full FTP and webFTP access - You will able to upload your own files through the encrypted FTP. Screen
>> Logs browser - You will be able to check the latest events in one click without the need to search for and download files. Screen
>> Fast-download - HTTP server which can provide faster files downloading (e.g. maps, sounds)
>> Scheduler - This will enable regular or one-time restart the server in particular time. Screen
>> Extended statistics - See the number of players in time or CPU time on interactive graphs. Screen
>> Anty-crash system - System automatically restarts your server after crash. Screen
>> Game tracker - Our control panel will generate images with live information about your server in banner/userbar format. Screen
>> Interactive console - This will allow you to control the server as if you run it on your own environment. Screen
>> Version changer - Be always up to date without reinstalling whole server.
>> Other useful features - You'll also be able to: create subaccounts, change slots at any time, renew server only a few days, browse actions history in the panel, reinstall the server (return to default settings), manage players bans and many more..

What else?

>> DDoS Protection!
>> Fast unlimited SSD storage
>> Latest CPU Xeon processors
>> Customer Support
>> Control Panel protected by SSL

Simple FAQ:

1) How can I pay and what payment methods do you accept?
There are a number of payment methods which you can choose from:
- PayPal (includes credit cards)
- paysafecard
- SMS (carrier billing)
- Bank/Wire Transfer

2) How long does it take to setup my server?
All game servers are deployed instantly.

Contact us by creating ticket in our control panel or by sending e-mail contact@ServerProject.eu.



ServerProject.eu is one of the most popular polish game hosting brand established in 2008. We offer also:SA-MP, GTA:Network, CS:GO, CS 1.6, Hurtworld, Rust, Minecraft servers.

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to encourage you to our services we've generated 100 coupons to FREE servers in Central Europe:

coupon_icon.png  FREEMTA

Remeber, you have to choose Central Europe location. This coupon is not valid Eastern Europe (Poland/Warsaw) location.

order MTA:SA server with special discount


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