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directX drawing?

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Funny question. Such things require you to hook the game's directx loop, which I doubt the mta team would let us do..

I'm thinking there'll be a couple of directx functions available in the SDK such as for drawing text in both the 3d and 2d perspective using billboarding/static text, maybe even something for drawing sprites textured with custom textures (images), other then that.. not sure how much control they'll give us over directx functionality.

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As it stands right now, the "rough draft" of the SDK allows you implicit access to the Direct3D Device pointer that GTA uses (it is possible to get access to the IDirect3D8* pointer through a few typecasts).

There are a couple callbacks in the SDK which are called when the game calls BeginScene and EndScene.

However, please notice that none of this is final and could change come release time.

Whether or not that is technically feasible to do depends on what exactly you want to accomplish. GTA uses the Direct3D device in pure mode, which means you have no access to Get* functions.


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So we'll have access to the BeginScene and EndScene functions. What about Present? Release/reset? Initialize?

Even without access to Get* functions, theres still a lot that can be done within the directx gameloop - including both things HardCoRe posted.

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As slush stated, the rough draft that has been set in place is that there are two callbacks set which represent the begin and end scene calls. So, you could do anything before and after those functions are called.

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