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Hi, i made a building in Google Sketchup which i exported to 3ds max and then to gta sa format ( .dff, .col ).The problem is that the models has some invisible walls which doesn't exist in the sketchup project either in the .col file( Screenshots here ).I tryed to remake the house only using lines, to export a fresh, not-textured models as dff, to optimise the .col file but nothing seems to work.Please, i am desperate, give me some advices ( except suggestions to start modelling in another program )


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Is not a pivot problem, i centered the object a few times and this isn't the problem.Every wall has is collision correct but invisible walls start to appear.I remade the model using only the line tool and that fixed alot of those weird invisible walls ( only a little invisible wall wasn't fixed ). I searched on google and it seems that this is a known Sketchup model but noone knows why this happens and how to fix it properly

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Check the Rotation if its  0, 0, 0 

You can use Reset XForm in the utilies

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My guess is that it has too much poly's/verticles

try using pro optimizer or optimizer or manually remove some stuff (Ofc do it for collision only)

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