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Problem With MTA 0.5 ([UVA]SHooTeR)

Guest [UVA]SHooT

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I have been playing MTA for quite some time now...Just recently my PC crashed and i had to reformat my drive and reinstall everything. Ater i installed all updates and drivers ect..i installed Vice City. I then downloaded MTA 0.5 and installed that. I opne MTA 0.5 input my username, and connected our UVA Public Server. Now (after i logged in in that server) i started up my game. Clicked "Start Game" and then, "Start Multi Theft Auto". After 2 seconds (after i clicked "start MTA" i c "Suspected Trainer Usage: Dissconnected" and my Vice City Game Crashes. I tred changeing version to 1.1, closing all other processes (In Process Manager) but nuthing...

My PC spects are..

Intel socet 478 P4 3.0Ghz Cpu


Geforce 5500 AGP 8x 256mb G-Card

CD-Burner (52x24x52x)

DVD-Burner (+)

Soundblaster Sound card

Enough Cooling that i can overclock my CPU to 1000ghz :P

500 Wat Power Supply

19" CRT Monitor

And thats bout it...

Thx for ur time and i hope u have a solution :D



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