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Help me!!!


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Have you tried connecting to lots of servers (i.e. more than 2)? The fact that you can connect to one means that connecting to others should not be a problem. I suspect that the second server was probably just offline at the time.

P.S. By "our server" I presume you mean the official servers.

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Than i have this problem:

I can't conect because it tell me "Connection timed out" (deelay = 10).

I want know beacuase it doesn't connect, when last day he perfect connect.

Now it connect in every server.

why? My firewall it isn't beacuse then it wouldn't connect last day...

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no, i teach you...

the day before yesterday, all worked for perfect...

while yesterday night it's huppened something...

while i was connecting at my favorite server, i couldn't connect for this error: Disconnected : Connection timed out (Delay = 10). But it gave this error only on that my favorite server.

so i tried an other server and it worked perfectly.

Always talking for yesterday night... while i waited for connecting, after much time but MUCH MUCH MUCH, i talk for 15 minutes about... it was connected!

So today i anted to play, but it give always this error... so i tried an other server, but it continued to give this error... after much time it connected so i disconnected from internet... when i'm reconnected, i go to mta but regive always this error, in every servers that i tried...

the firewall isn't, because if it is give to me problems, then not even the day before yesterday i couldn't connect... so this today i tried connect to a server that gives a moderator in this forum and that works.. this is huppened only before of this final problem.. that is huppened this afternoon.

i hope that you have understood me... i'm not american or english... my english is bad... thanks for patience and collaboration :roll::)

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