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I and afew [LR] members were playing yesterday a funny game we called "Raid". Its a mix between Manhunt and kinda Invasion.

To play Raid you will need at least 1 cop and just 1 or 2 robbers, sailors, it will depends on how many cops there are (Target can select some other skin except for cop).

How to play/rules:

All cops keeps waiting one minute or so out of mansion while target/s hides inside the mansion.

Just interior of the mansion is available to play except for roof, unless you to fall to the street, then you will lose.

Cop who kills target becomes target next round.

Cops will continuously attack mansion even they gets killed till next round.

No nicknames no radar:

To make it more interesting we wont be able to see nicknames by pushing "F10" either radar by going to your options/display setup/radar off, tracks only/.

This way you wont see nicknames or blips in your radar but you will recognize the target/s for their clothes or skin.

This requires trust from you to your friends and viceversa so fair play gentlemans this is a game. :wink:

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reminds me of a game VCES play, or at least used to.. i'm not sure..

What they did was set the game to midnight with fog on, and have about 20 cops search for one robber around the whole city with no names or radar on.

And the fugitive couldn't use any vehicles either :D

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