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Trainer problem in MTA:SA


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I don't believe from your last reply of second ban you're trying to/intend using a cheat twice, if so at 1. you'd already know it was detected.

So i'm going to assist you under the assumption something is running that you're unaware of.

1) Did you install any GTA mods recently, are running a tool/app related to, or designed to aid or mod something in GTA

To answer the last question, think back to when this problem started happening: did you change anything, or was it just an MTA update? Did you start getting AC # kicks first before the global bans? Did you start using something around these days. in combination with GTA:SA or MTA, that you thought was just useful/enhancement, and you don't suspect it of being this detected ''Trainer''? then still list it to me please.

And also

Please download, extract and run MTADiag and follow the instructions.

Press 'n' when asked.

Post any Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you in this topic

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@Dutchman101 actually iam clean, i havent anything started or added in my folders (MTA:SA, GTA:SA) i joined server 3, 4 times and it was always the same problem. After i got banned by "TRAINER" now iam banned cuz of a "EXEMOD" idk how to resolve this problem i didnt knew how to fix it so i tried to reinstaill both (MTA & GTA) but were same, and got banned once again for 24 hours. Where i have to extract these files? 

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6 hours ago, xRambo said:

@Dutchman101 Where i have to extract these files? 

Just extract anywhere, and then run MTADiag.exe & follow the rest of my instructions.

So you got EXEMOD detection before, and you've already re-installed GTA as you said. Tell me, did you re-install with retail (official) GTA disk or some shady downloaded version? Also, please run antivirus/malware scan as someone suggested before, to prevent a virus from infecting (modifying/adding malicious part) to the gta_sa.exe, although (incase of that) the code added in there is unlikely to be flagged by MTA anticheat as hack-like, so I still suspect you're using another gta_sa.exe rather than official or supported one.

Before you do anything please upload your gta_sa.exe from GTA install directory to http://upload.mtasa.com and share the link in this topic.


Also I'm afraid you'll just have to wait out the ban, but just make sure you don't try to run MTA again after it expires but incase we didn't find a solution here in this topic. You'll be re-banned and chances for more severe bans will only increase, if the issue is not yet solved. Just follow the instructions until you can run it. But until you post the MTADiag log I cannot do much, although 1 of the likely steps will be re-installing with a clean GTA and making sure it's from the official disk without pre-modding.


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Are you using ''trainer.exe'' in GTA install directory while running MTA? You're saying it started happening out of nowhere, but if you aren't using it manually, some GTA SA install dir file may auto-start trainer.exe, but for that your GTA install must be modded and then I don't think it ''started happening out of nowhere''.

The provided gta_sa.exe is the correct one, and not modded, as ''EXEMOD'' indicates. Maybe trainer.exe is hooking into gta_sa.exe but for that, once again, something has to trigger trainer.exe. Start with deleting trainer.exe from your GTA install folder.

What's your serial? (open MTA, press F8 and type ''serial'' & copy paste)


The next step is to install a clean GTA. Judging from the MTADiag log you got some shady modded version as I suspected, and it, through some kind of mod, likely manages to run Trainer.exe (Assuming we believe you.. for this reason you also just gotta wait out until this ban expires too)

1) Completely uninstall GTA SA

2) Fresh install with official GTA SA disk

3) Uninstall MTA

4) Delete all MTA & GTA shortcuts (it may contain a run commandline in properties, redirecting to Trainer.exe)

5) Perform a full virus scan with your AV kaspersky

6) Re-download and install MTA

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On 2017-3-14 at 21:00, xRambo said:

Well good job MTA:SA (y). idk whats wrong with that game but i only can say its worse

It's not MTA's problem, but a technical problem on your PC, which we're trying to find. You said it ran fine for 2 days before it happened again; can you check if the Trainer.exe perhaps re-appeared in the GTA install directory?

And once again, what's your MTA serial? ( @ccw )

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4 minutes ago, xRambo said:

@Dutchman101 actually the trainer.exe is always in my gtasa folder (shouldnt it be there?)

Why don't you just listen and follow all the steps as I provided, or else inform you didnt follow a certain one.

Please follow the steps including removing that file.

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