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Rules and formatting for this section

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As of 09/03/2017 we've pruned the entire section, as we felt some sort of rules and guidelines were needed in order to achieve a good listing for both server staff and interested parties.


- General forum guide of conduct and rules apply in this section.

- Any modification which is outside limits for the OP shall be reported via the report system in order to be addressed by a moderator. This is mandatory, as the goal is to keep this section as clean as possible.

- Topics must have a detailed description of your server, this involves a brief description of your community, gamemodes you're offering and anything else that helps players to get interested on you.

- Drama, server bashing, staff bashing, won't be allowed by any means. Members found guilty of these behaviour will be punished accordingly to our general guidelines and more severe depeding of staff judgement.

- You should be atleast a staff member (or owner) of the server you're advertising (so no promotion by 'satisfied players').

- It's not allowed to actively recruit or persuade people to leave a positive opinion on your topic. Moderators reserve the right to judge if a spree of posts is suspicious (likely to be a result of this practise) and remove it on their own discretion, this is non-negotiable.

Formatting your topic:

- Topic titles shall have the form [SERVER TYPE] Brief description/Name [LANGUAGE]

- The first post shall be written in at least 3 parts, being the first a brief description of yourself, the second any media you may provide about your server, mostly ingame shots and anything you might want to show to interested players, and the third one server details, this involves connection details, contact details, and anything else you may provide to get players to your community.

Any thread not following this guidelines shall be deleted and the user/s involved been given a warning depending of the staff judgement.

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