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nah man dont wry about it man, always kick flamers, and eatshit isnt even in =AA=, hes jus jupiters ƒaggy friend...wheneven we get our server back (approx. less then a week) and eatshit is being a ƒag either ban him or come in ts and tell either me, k00ner, sc4r, or j0ker to ban him

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<~~sseen eatshit hacking in ur server. his life would go down to a set ammount and then after that Not at all. basically id get him to 3 lines and knock him down 12 times with shotgun after that each one trying to kill shot as well and not a single life loss after. ima read the rest of ur topic to check up if that was already said.

Edit* doesnt look like anybody brought up that he hacks. But well if i had fraps id show ya hah. I ran circles around that guy shooting him down each time..at first ur like ok this is cake the life is going down 2 more shots he's gonna be dead. then 12 more times of knocking him down not a single life loss. I'd ban him on sight :D.

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Thank you for that outlaw, I only thought he was a snitchy, whiny prick at first. But now he hacks, theres no way you can keep him there. I think another nick I've seen him use is "eshef"

I've personally caught you speedhacking in the FKU RPG server when i was in FKU, I banned you. Who are you to weed out cheaters while you do the same?

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Wheres your fucking evidence? I dont like it when a n00b (probably eatshit himself) accuses me of something. I've never even been to the FKU server, but I pwned some of its members in other servers, so maybe thats why my IP resides in your banned.lst. First someone trys to take my clan, now someone is accusing me of speedhacking. Where is the hole where you asswipes are crawling from?

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thedude ur a goof. i caught you thru spec and banned you, i didnt add you to "report your cheaters", but now i personally know your type and i give shits for less if you try to talk/flame your way out. in the most severe case it could've been stewie with your name, cuz i caught stewie the same way earlier or later on and resigned him from the FKU roster. in any case, yer still a stupid fuck cuz i caught ya. have a fantastic day.

edit: and to :AA: members, my apologies for bringing this into your thread. it's done. :wink:

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Far from done. Your the one full of shit, you stupid fucktard. You have no proof I even went to your shitty server. You have no proof its even yours. So go fuck off and try to accuse someone else. I've had enough of dickwads like you. NOW its done.

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