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outlaw i thought we were on good terms with rob....hmm maybe your high, scar was on his crappy computer and did not even know what the hell he was doing, he got back his good one today, so prolly wont happen again.

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yeah, are server has been hacked multiple times, just bots etc. spamming there way to crash the server, its pretty nub :P but w/e got the ip and hes banned, funny rob..

anyways we are still looking for a gangwar, and we are also looking for members, just pm me if your interested in joining and i will arange a time for me to test you in the =AA= Server.

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my computer is soo screwed right now....

i finish re-installing windows off of my recovery CD for the 3rd time and my computer still freezes up on me (it freezes for 2 seconds every ~17 seconds). I cant even play Mp3's. I dont know what is the problem... i dont think it can be my hardware, and this is the same windows that i was using before..

im gonna go out and buy windows, and it that doesnt work im gonna go and buy a new motherboard+prossessor+ram.

i might not be on MTA for a while...

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somebody has got to fix that shit...

I'm gonna wait until i come back from spain to buy all the crap i need for my computer.... im also gonna be buying POP component to VGA converter so that i can play xbox on my computer screen HDTV!!

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we have successfully merged with {VCS} i have talked it over with TheDude yesterday and he agreed. We are keeping the =AA= tag, if you were a {VCS} member pm if you wish to be added right away, or if TheDude has a member list somewhere give me a link. k.

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sure thing noobie. pm me your msn and well talk.

and heiu, we will start asap, i want one this weekend. today preferably.


wait a minute...

nvm. explained.

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Hmmmm can i try out for =AA= my current clan [NS] is falling apart and i dont know what to do.I wish we could do the same as {VCS}.But i want in on =AA= any room for me? im pretty good 8)


VCK took away hunter and burner :D

Ever since you took over NS, it fell apart. try to merge it if you can.

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