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:AA: The Advent Alliance :AA:


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The Advent Alliance.

:Brief Info:

We are :AA: , some of you may already recognize us or remember us, we have been inactive for quite some time due to some of our old members and the bad reputation they gave us by "flaming" clans. We have now revamped =AA= into the new :AA: ,there will no longer be anymore bullshit etc. As you can see we have new leaders. We are trying to get back in MTA and will be active.

In :AA: we do not support cheaters/modders and you must respect other clans.



:arrow: [=AA=]{00ner

:arrow: =AA=OutLaW

=AA= : Dedicated Members : =AA=

:arrow: =AA=TheDude

:arrow: =AA=j0ker

:arrow: =AA=Scar

:arrow: =AA=Turbo X

:arrow: =AA=RivaL

:arrow: =AA=OpiuM

=AA= Members =AA=

:arrow: =AA=Rocker

:arrow: =AA=Noobie

(AA) Members Under Training (AA)

:arrow: (AA)xlucidx

We are recruiting, pm me here or in game or post on the forum if you are interested.

:=AA= Official MTA:VC Server:



Download teamspeak at http://www.goteamspeak.com





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thnx warfire, atleast someone is going to give us a chance, lol bullit, well its the best rpg server and its in the uk lol so thats why i play in it, my computer has nothing to do with it, i get 120 fps in game at 1024x768 i can even fraps at a reasonable fps, i just hope kfc will give us a chance, mistakes happen, forgivness should be a given.

later, since im @ teh noob school, posting from a computer that is noob.

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This is one of the rare times you'll be seeing me ever post here.

If anybody comes into the partyserver, forums, TS or wherever KFC is present, I will ban you...and if I can't ban you, I'll have you banned! I don't care if you're joker, opium, k00ner...hell, unless King Kong can immune himself from me, I'll ban his ass too. This is not an idle threat! Don't take my word for it, try me...

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I don't know why you are all so hard on these guys..

Anyone can have a bad couple of days

Hitler, Bin Ladin, Timmy Mcvey, Ted Bundy, Nero, James Earl Ray

All really cool guys I am sure if you just give them a chance and forget what they did in the past you would be able to get along great with them.

While we are at it let's open all the jails in the world. Why are we being asshats and holding a few little actions against these people forever? Seems stupid to hold a grudge soooo long.

I say give the AA kids a shot to do right and "can't we all just get along?"

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AA is a good clan, i used to hang in their ts and play mta, css, sof2 etc with them and they are good guys. especially joker.

scar is sometimes an idiot and just shouts out random things like "TONY YAYO!!!!" etc but its all fun.

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we got a =AA= Server , the ip is posted on the main post, come and join! i am currently working on getting oli's script but his links to download are down and i havent seen him on msn lately, if anyone has them, plz send them to me, or pm me.

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