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The MTA Screenshot Challenge


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Welcome to the MTA Screenshot Challenge.

How does it work? I challenge you to get a particular screenshot from within MTA, the first to do so and post it gets to set the next challenge.

No using photoshop or any other kind of FAKING, if a player is involved in one shot they cannot be involved in the next challenge, all images to be 640x480 .jpg format please.

1st challenge - Get a screenshot of a Sailor standing on the head of a Mexican on a rooftop.

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9th challenge - A golf caddy jumping over a pcj with a rider on it, being jumped over by another golf caddy so pcj on floor, caddy above, caddy above that. Good luck :P[/b]

Haha, thats next to impossible. I just spent 2 hours trying to do it. The problem was getting the last caddy to jump over the first one.. they aren't that fast so you cant exactly control their ramp height/etc. Pass?

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In stunt mode there is a button called "nitro" :roll:

Yeah, nitro gives us nothing but problems though. It boosts you to such a speed that you have little or no control over how high you ramp...and you need some sort of control seeing how you have other people ramping over you etc. its hard to explain.

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