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[LF] A good moderator & writer for RPG Server [Non-Paid]

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I have been working on my RPG server for a long time now, and since the server is going to be released soon, i need some good moderators to manage the server, and also the writers who can speak English, however we do have staff team, but for this type of management, i need some admins.

Who i am looking for?
A serious moderator who knows how to manage the RPG server well, without misusing any of the abilities given to the admin, the moderator should be able to speak good English so that the forum threads can be written. Moderating includes:

1. Should be able to keep the server clean from any sort of rule breakers, (Must know how to punish, give warnings.)
2. Should know how to behave with every single player.
3. Should know when to ban, and when not to ban, (Valid reasons only)

1. Should know how to write standard English
2. Should have some experience, such as from any servers.
3. Should not be an admin of any server
4. The moderator should be loyal.

If you are interested, private message me on this forums.

Thank you.

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We are still looking for moderators, people that applied for moderator on PM are not that active, remember that we are looking for the moderators that are skilled, can speak perfect English, and must know how to handle the RPG/CnR community.

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