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[QUESTION]Streaming models


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i know there are scripts like 
Mod Loader
Mod Background Download

but i am wondering if its possible to make the cars and object directly load from vps or local
so they dont need to wait to finish the download before they can see the costum cars and objects

or isnt that possible at all?

or mayby shomething like smaller the download mb's

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What do you mean by "directly load from vps" ? You can't possibly load a model without downloading it first because the client needs all the model data (the full file) in order to load it. It's not like a sound or video that can be streamed, because in that case you don't need the full file to play it.

So no, it's not possible. And it's also not possible to compress the files, sadly we don't have the ability to compress/uncompress (like put it into .zip) files in mta. Although this module https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Modules/FileSystem might be able to do that, but i never used it myself so I can't say.

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