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PROBLEM WITH MTA VC :( . -->> Suspected trainer usage <<--

Guest Kris

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Hi , i cant run game in any serwer. When i click start game it enter to GTA VC next i click start multi theft auto and next i have information: '' Disconnected: Suspected trainer usage''. And game back to windows. Before click game i have all programms close. PLZ PLZ what i must to do. Contact me : msn: raq2004@msn.com , or send messege : email: raq2004@wp.pl . THX cyas.

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search next time

MTA says you have a trainer but you don't

Try closing every other open window first. If that doesn't work, try uninstalling, then reinstalling MTA 0.5 again. It has also been reported that changing game version from 1.0 to 1.1 (vice city) can fix this, though we're not sure why - we're looking into it. Further Update: All the error reports that have come in about this are using Vice City 1.0. Try updating to 1.1, if this _doesn't_ work, contact me.

Update: It has been reported that "Kaspersky Anti Hacker" can set off this error. We advise that you close "Kaspersky Anti Hacker" if you wish to play MTA 0.5.

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