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Rules and formatting for this section

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Section Rules

1. Any fulfilled requests or discarded offers shall be reported via the report system in order to be locked and/or archived.
This is mandatory, as the goal is to keep this section as clean and accurate as possible.

2.Topics must have a sufficient description of what are you offering or looking for.
Eg. if you're looking for a scripter for your gamemode, you must detail what would you need the scripter for. This doesn't exactly involve giving away the whole concepts or whatever you don't want to disclose to the public, but it would be appreciated if you could include more details than just straight single line offers, such as "I need a scripter for a zombie gamemode".

Whether or not the amount of detail is sufficient for the nature of your request is a subject to moderator judgement, and failing to meet criteria may result in your post being discarded.


Formatting your topic

In order to keep the section clean, accurate and easily viewable, it would be appreciated if you could use the following guidelines for your topic:

1. Topic titles should have the form [LF/OFFERING] Brief description [Paid/Non-Paid]. Please make the description as brief as possible here. Eg:

  • [OFFERING] Skilled scripter [Paid]
  • [OFFERING] Rookie modeller looking for some practice [Non-paid]
  • [LF] Any-level scripter for a small server [Non-Paid]


2. The first post should be written in at least 2 parts:

  • first part should contain a brief description of yourself (and/or the server or community you are from)
  • second part should elaborate on what are you requesting/offering, once again, as detailed as you possibly can/want
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