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Rules and formatting for this section

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As of 02/03/2017 we've pruned the entire section, as we felt some sort of rules and guidelines were needed in order to achieve a good listing for both server staff and interested parties.


- General forum guide of conduct and rules apply in this section.

- Any fulfilled request, discarded offer, and/or any other modification which is outside limits for the OP shall be reported via the report system in order to be addressed by a moderator. This is mandatory, as the goal is to keep this section as clean as possible.

- Topics must have a detailed description of what are you offering, i.e, if you're looking for a scripter for your gamemode, you must detail what would you need the scripter for, this doesn't exactly involve giving away whole concepts or whatever you don't want to disclose to the public, but blackout straight single line offers, such as "I need a scripter for a zombie gamemode" will be discarded.

Formatting your topic:

- Topic titles shall have the form [LF/OFFERING] Brief description [Paid/Non-Paid]. You must state the description as short and descriptive as possible.

- The first post shall be written in at least 2 parts, being the first a brief description of yourself, and the second what are you requesting/offering, again, as detailed as you possible can/want.

Any thread not following this guidelines shall be deleted and the user/s involved been given a warning depending of the staff judgement.

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