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Running linux server -- Win Client asks for wrong .exe ??

Guest Honnes

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Good morning !

Yeah i know, its a bit early but i do need some support badly.

I've got a dedicated linux server for MTA VC running here and i can connect with my windows clients on it.

When I click on ' start game' it keeps asking for 'gta3.exe' while i only have installed GTA VC. At the installation wizard of MTA 5.0 I only checked the GTA VC box and it installed without any problems.

I re-installed the whole programm and i did got the 'select gta3.exe message' again and well, i now don't know what to do.

I reconfigured my linux server, but is there something @ the serverside what i have to do in order to tell the server that im running a GTA Vice City server ?? I think that the problem resides at my server.

Any help is appreciated. Please, don't say anything if you don't have a linux server yourself or don't know how to configure it. I also re-installed the whole server once.

Thanks for your time.

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I just helped out myself, i'll put it in here so others who encounter this problem can do this too.

Configure your server with ./setup, and after you've done that. Edit mtaserver.conf with your favorite editor (Kate, KWrite or vi)

edit the 'gamemap' line and change the number after it (by default 4) to:

1 - Deathmatch (VC)

2 - Stuns (VC)

3 / 5 - GTA 3

(change only the number! example: gamemap 1)

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