getElementBoundingBox acording to rotation

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Hey there, is there anyway to get an element bounding box with its rotation?

How to do it?

Thanks for reading and hope you can awnser my question.

Edit: Is posible to get it when an element is not streamed?

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You need OOP enabled:

function getElementRotatedBoundingBox(element)
    local elementMatrix = element:getMatrix()
    local minX, minY, minZ, maxX, maxY, maxZ = element:getBoundingBox()
    local minVector = elementMatrix:transformPosition(Vector3(minX, minY, minZ))
    local maxVector = elementMatrix:transformPosition(Vector3(maxX, maxY, maxZ))
    return minVector, maxVector


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Well im here again!

Thought was fixed but nope, there's some problem when calculating the boundingbox with "rotation" that way...

You can see results here: http://imgur.com/a/nl5zd.

It doesn't gets a good rectangle, only on certain "fixed" rotations as 0,90,180,270,360.

Any idea of what to do then?


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You could check the editor resource, it does this too.

But depending on what you are trying to do, this matrix calculations might be too heavy, e.g. when doing it in a render function.

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--[[ Draw a fancy bounding box:
    |\   /|
    | \ / |
    |  x  |
    | / \ |
    |/   \|
local minX, minY, minZ, maxX, maxY, maxZ = vehicle:getBoundingBox()

local a = vehicleMatrix:transformPosition(Vector3(minX, minY, maxZ))
drawTextOnWorldPosition("a", a)
local b = vehicleMatrix:transformPosition(Vector3(maxX, minY, maxZ))
drawTextOnWorldPosition("b", b)
local c = vehicleMatrix:transformPosition(Vector3(minX, maxY, maxZ))
drawTextOnWorldPosition("c", c)
local d = vehicleMatrix:transformPosition(Vector3(maxX, maxY, maxZ))
drawTextOnWorldPosition("d", d)

dxDrawLine3D(c, d, 0xFFFF0000, 1.0)
dxDrawLine3D(a, b, 0xFFFF0000, 1.0)
dxDrawLine3D(c, a, 0xFFFF0000, 1.0)
dxDrawLine3D(d, b, 0xFFFF0000, 1.0)
dxDrawLine3D(a, d, 0xFFFF0000, 1.0)
dxDrawLine3D(b, c, 0xFFFF0000, 1.0)
function drawTextOnWorldPosition(text, vecPosition)
    local x, y = getScreenFromWorldPosition(vecPosition)

    if x and y then
        dxDrawText(text, x, y, nil, nil, 0xFFFFFFFF, 2.0, "default-bold", "center", "center")

You didn't tell me what you want to do, my previous code segment only solved the question in the first post.

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