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i'm having a problem with my Server Admin Program, it won't connect, and when i click the setup server button i get a message that says, "System Error &H80070583 (-2147023485). Class does not exist." what do i do to fix this?

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that is as specific as it's being, when i click the connect button it brings up an error message that says there was a problem when trying to connect. does that help any?

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The admin functions use a different port (default 4003), so you may have been trying to connect via the game port (default 2003). Have you also enabled admin server (either by editing the mtaserver.conf file or via the server wizard program, which should work now)?

That was what I meant by more details.

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nope, i was trying to connect with 4003, had admin server enabled. went into the mtaserver.conf to see if it wasn't there, it was. Used the wizard to disable it, then enable it, nothing.

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