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"Dummying" glitches (Invulnerability etc)

Guest majaka

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I'm sure plenty of people have experienced this but it's quite hard to detect over internet games so I would expect you wouldn't notice it.

'Dummying' being a word coined from the Halo2 community to describe the event when you see yourself in one place, but everyone else sees you elsewhere. This problem occurs frequently in MTA:VC due to synchronisation problems.

This can happen in at least a couple of ways in Vice city: MTA

1) Simply press crouch once and then hold forward. To yourself you are still crouching there, but to everyone else you are running around. Your 'dummy' or clone can shoot people and damage them, but they can't hurt it. The best way to see this effect is to play over the LAN.

2) Get someone on a bike, then get on the back of their bike as a passenger. Ensure they stay perfectly still, now hold forwards, you'll notice you move forwards and that you're driving the bike from the passenger seat, but to the driver they are still sitting there where you got on.

You'll also see that you can only face the direction you started off in also. If the driver moves eg: backwards/forwards or gets off the bike, you (as the passenger) will return to the original spot, but if YOU get off the bike normally, the driver will be transported to where you are.

Also notice that noone can see you when you are driving as the passenger, you are in effect 'dummied'.

You can however exit the bike as the passenger and not cause the driver to be teleported to your position by hitting a wall so you fall off the bike, allowing you to get back on as passenger any time and then be teleported back to the drivers position, this acts like a 'quick getaway' system if used right and could potentially be the bane of any CTF style gamemodes that appear in the future releases.

Note: Your position still doesn't get updated even if you traverse a loading point, if you get off the bike or the driver moves then either one of you will simply load and then be repositioned.

Also, problems occur if you 'bail' from a vehicle by prsessing the exit vehicle button whilst moving, to you the vehicle keeps going like it would normally, but to everyone else the handbrake is applied and the car/bike stays still. This can cause very strange effects if a passenger is in the vehicle and are supposedly driven over a cliff and seemingly die.

These glitches can't really be used to cheat, the only one i have seen is using two computers connected 2 the same game; using one as a spectator to follow another player on the other computer who has crouched and is running around invincible and their actual location hidden from everyone else.

This is posted just for interests sake, this glitch is still present in the 0.5 version of MTA and I'm well aware error reporting has stopped. Also this should be ironed out in BLUE anyway.

Incidentally, this is no dig at the MTA guys, ur doin a great job and I hope u keep it up in the future.

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The hold duck and run one is new to me, thankyou for pointing it out. Looks like another reason to remove the ability to duck altogether for the life of this old core.

The bike passenger one is well known and harmless.

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