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Game mode: Bank robbery

Guest Toadhead

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Robbers VS Cops (no other classes can be chosen in thie game mode).

It could work with rounds, or just with points.

Rounds: If the robbers succesfully robbed the bank they will win the round, If someone dies it will not respawn, only at the beginning of a new round.


When the robbers succesfully robbed the bank they will get a point. When they reach 10 points they will win.


They all start at the same place at some gang cars.

They need to use the cars to go to the bank which will be marked on the rader. Once at the bank one of them need to typ "/rob" or !rob whatever, and the robbing begins. A bar wil showup and that person will need to wait 25 seconds before the bar is full and the bank has been robbed. Than they need to return to the robbers hideout. When they reach this place they get a point. The one that is robbing the bank cannot shoot to other robbers need to help him and


All cops start the the police office, which is close to the bank.

If a robber is robbing the bank and it gets shot by a police officer the police will win the round (or get a point). Also if the bank has been robbed and the police kills the person who robbed the bank before it reaches the robbers hideout they will win too. If the game works with rounds they will also win the round if all robbers have been killed.

I think it would be alot of fun, specialy for clans.

Another game mode I would like to see is something like bag tag. It could be called "Drug coureer" or something and the bag will in this case be filled with drugs. The person who gets the bag will gain a point every 10 seconds. all other players need to kill this player and steal the bag so they can make points. This will be alot of fun since all players wil hunt for this player.

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Nice idea, but i'm thinking of something like 2/3 rounds to win, because 10 is an even number and is too much. If cops shoot the guy robbing the bank, another robber should be able to take his spot. The cops should only be able to win by killing all of the robbers. Also, instead of writing /rob, there should be a pink blip with a timer so they know how longs its going to take.

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Anyways I want 2 add another idea. Its called SWAT team. The SWAT team comes when the bank is robbed. Remember in GTA VC u had 2 rob a bank and then the SWAT team comes 2 the bank and make a block? Then the robbers must make the bank hostile until the SWAT team leaves.

I wanted 2 add SWAT team because they r a part of a team (just like the army) and they can defend banks.

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