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MTA rpg scritps

Guest Toadhead

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Can someone please tell me something about those RPG script or something or were I can find a good documentation about it?

I traid one of those servers that was running it but didnt understanded it. didnt know how to put money on the bank for example.

I got 255 gold, I asked everybody like 100 times how I could put money on the bank but nobody gaved my an answer. Some visited me because they knew I had moneyand killed me and they putted it on their banks. Good...fine... very nice.

I played on the "Terreur Clanserver:Gservers.nl" and specialy the player MOH_aphasia is an complete idiot who likes to abuse newbies.

I would suggest everybody to stay away from that server.

MTA is the most newbie unfriendly game I have ever seen with those bad players who doesnt help poeple and the bad documentation about the scripts. I know that this has nothing to do with MTA itself, but just with the community :(

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Ow thanks :)

I dont realy mean bad community, not everyone is like that losers but it's just stupid that people wan't to take advantage of the fact that newbies doesnt realy know how everything works. Thats just sad...

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