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MTA DayZ Admin Panel

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Handy tool for DayZ servers, very easy to use and neat
looking DayZ Admin Panel. It's completly open source
feel free to edit it to your likings but please do not
remove original author (me) also credit goes to Superman
addon creator Ryden, without him this handy tool would
not be so cool. :)

Default open bind is O
Once you go in Duty Mod you are invincible and you can fly.

==-- To do
Inventory inspector
SuperAdmin features
Ban List (also unbaning)
Report system
Spectate (maybe?)

==-- Features
Duty Mode, Kick, Ban, Mute, Freeze, Warp,
Warp Player To, Set Stats, Change Weather, Kill Player,
Spawn Items, Spawn Vehicles, Send Global Message,
Fix Car, Destroy Car, Blow Car, See Stats about player.

If you find any bug report here or pm me, i'll fix it as soon as possible.

Download Link:

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