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Download content problem


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Hi all, there was a problem with the download additional content.
I use different <httpdownloadurl> as well as without them, still at half load all resources brakes and throws a server error.


My channel - 100mbps
The channel of the server is also 100 mbps
If you want to - throw off the server IP.


Sorry, my english is bad :(


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Run this command on the server:

setServerConfigSetting( "enable_diagnostic", "1012", true )

Or, add this to mtaserver.conf:



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Thank you for answering!

What is the result, and where we expect?
The fact that the client changed his equipment and decided not to look for the problem, and I will be good to know.



Спасибо, что отвечаете!

Какой результат и где ожидать?
Дело в том что клиент сменил оборудование и решил не искать проблему, а мне будет полезно знать.


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17 hours ago, ccw said:

Server console (and log) will have DIAGNOSTIC: messages

The problem was on the side of our hosting, which provides a automatic fast download to clients.


Проблема была на стороне нашего хостинга, с автоматическим fastdl для клиентов.


Our servers are located in the Linux operating system, can occur a problem if the resource name or a folder with him there upper register?


У нас сервера расположены на линукс ос, могут ли проявляться проблемы, если  в названии ресурса или папки с ним есть верхний регистр?


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