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Error MTAD.SCM Could....

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OK... i installed, i got a Version of GTA VC from my buddys site, but when i click start game, and i select GTA-VC, i get this error that says, "ERROR: 'C:\Program Files\Multi Theft Auto\data\mtad.scm' could not be located. Please reinstall MTA or reset the game path (options Tab -> Reset Game Path). I did that, i also reinstalled MTA and VC... HELP!!! :evil:

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Hello i have the same problem. did u fix it. can u write how u did it lppzzz
May 08, 2005

Bump, heh whatever.

Instead of coming to a inactive thread, go and start a new one explaining your problem(s), you have already mentioned you are having the same problem though more information from your view would help.

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