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crach after startup?

Guest GrindKing

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I have ready many topics on this,. and I have tried all solutions.....I was just playing 5 minutes ago fine, and then I exited the server, and then I decded to go back into another, and I load the game, it gets to the cinematic intro, and then the game shuts down.......I restarted and nothing, I dont have any programs with trainer open or anything like that.....I am using vice city 1.1

I get no error message, it just shuts down.....I understand that I MAY need to reinstall, but if I reinstall, can I somehow keep my save games? cuz I like to play career as well.....also, is that the only fix? or am i doing something wrong.

im using windows XP

Version = .5

Vice City

1.1 Version

Yes I use a NO-CD Crack that I got from http://home.deds.nl/~aeron/

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hey, I think i fixed that part, I had XFire open.....so I fixed that, but now its giving me that damn trainer thing.....any help?

the only thing I have open is NORTON

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Try closing everything (except core Windows processes obviously). The suspected trainer usage can also be caused if you have any modifications installed for GTA or if you spawn twice as Vice City Crusader (due to the armour bug which will be fixed in the next version).

P.S. If you reinstall, your save games are stored in your My Documents folder rather than the GTA folder so you should be ok.

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