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Suspected trainer usage wtf mate?

Guest TheCrowbar

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i got everything workin all dandy and fine i get into the game with my friend everythings cool i click play mutli theft auto it loads says connected to server then BAM throws me off and tells me this error



Server Map: Vice City Deathmatch

Disconnected: Suspected trainer usage. (Delay = 10 sec)

im not hackin or anything like that but this thing is kicken me every time even if i make my own server it kicks me from it wth is its prob ?

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errrg the same thing is happining to me...ugh it was fine then i reformated my computer and reintalled mta and now it says that? ugh. and this fecking spyware crap is getting annoying. spybot nor adaware will get rid of it and im getting pop ups like a fecking idiot.

sorry needed to vent.

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That happens to me too, but not until you've started the game and the pink bar reaches 95%, then says suspected trainer usage in the top left corner and pops up an unhandled exception window (at adress 0043d38f).

The things in "Known Issues" didn't help.

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i have antispyware and everything ive been on the phone with microsoft going on 5 hours now and still cant get it off....uugh.. ill be so mad if i have to reformat again

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alright well it isnt spyware that is causing it. i just reformatted and i have no spyware on my computer and sitll suspects trainer usage. the game will load ill strat mta and it will get to about 98 percent. then its dissconnects me and says suspected trainer use....

any ideas?

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Hey man i have the same problem with mine, this is my first time playing mta at all, but for me i got into the game and i had a screen of what i believe was the score board but as soon as its there my game minimizes and i get the suspected trainer usage thing

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ok i got the same problem im running gta vice city version 1.1 and i get the same message it workt fine the 1st time i started it and now it every time i start it i get the message suspected trainer usage...... could some1 make a fix for this in the next version cuz its very anoying

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I had that problem 2 times, and both times i had azureus and shareaza up and running, when i closed it there wasnt any more problems.

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