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[TTG] The True Gamers (recruiting)


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Joining "The True Gamers" "[TTG]"

Please PM me if you want to join, also, fill this out:

name- Your name in MTA

game- Which game you play (GTA3 or GTA VC)


i dont have a server right now, and dont think i will have one ever, if anyone would like to help, PM me


[TTG]killaz (leader)




The rules

your ping

your ping should be always under 200 on a US server.


you are allowed to kill anyone you wish. You can car kill, heli kill, grenade kill, or just do it the old fasioned way. We are The True Gamers.


When you die, you DO NOT call people laggers, cheaters, hackers etc. You are just showing everone that you are a noob and doing this often will get you kicked off.

cheating and glitching

The only glitch i really care about is the armour glitch, so dont use it! You cannot cheat at all, Armour glitching and Cheating will get you kicked off.


try to cooperate with all MTA players, no flaming unless they are really pissing you off.

reporting members

if you think any of our members are breaking the rules, tell me, i will go and spy on them, see what i can dig up.[/b]

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