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Since i heard people saying that camhack doesnt support MTA 0.5, and 0.5.1 and so is a patch and so it wouldnt be possible for these patches to support camhack. I suggest that the MTA Team could add an add-on for the screenshot feature that works/does the same thing as camhack. I know that making something like this isnt easy... But it would be really appreciated if there would be something like that.

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I think we've got enough on our hands without encroaching on other people's work. Its up Racer_S to fix it if he wants.

With Blue, it'll be possible to make your own cam hack in an addon if you wish.


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It's because MTA changed GTA's window title from MTA:VC to MultiTheftAuto: Vice City.

Stretchnutter's cam-hack looks for the previous MTA:VC window.

He's released the source to this program at his website toca-edit.com, I'll go recompile it with 0.5 support now.

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camhack is used by some of the older players even though they arent allowed to (at least to my knowledge).

It sounds like a very cool program though. I would use it if I had the okay, because there are advantages of course to being able to get ANY view you desire.

Racer_S is a cool guy, I asked him if he would teach me some of his great trainer knowledge, unfortunatly due to things getting in the way of my intrest I only got some nice info the first time (over some of his great NFSU2 trainer features).

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camhack was discussed a long time ago, and one of the devs gave it a nod. Back then it's sole purpose was to enable full control of the camera. a few newer features have been added since. such as a spedometer and a "manual transmission" button (which is annoying as hell) Without camhack, I wouldn't have been able to make MY COMIC

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Uh... is creating a comic from MTA your copyright? Coz im gonna try to do it too

go ahead kenny. I wont accuse you of "ripping off my idea"

if you need any help, pm me.


a gta3 camhack would be awesome. i hate that we cant remove the hud.

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