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nothing to do with unhandled exeption??

Guest antotabo

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Me to I have the same trouble of unhandled exeption:c0000005

at address:00652f30

and I read and try all your answers on the Know Issues Thread and on the solution furum and it still bloc at the same place.

-xp familial sp2

-vc version 1.1

-its happen every time I click (start game)

Please make somethig for all those peoples and me!

Sorry for my English, I speak french.

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french guy ive found something that may help but it doesnt help me:

Q: I am getting an Unhandled Exception crash when loading the game or when I click the "Start New Game" button (entering into a new game), what is wrong?

A: There are many reasons why this could happen and we will try to outline the most common solutions below:

- We recommend having a clean install of GTA:VC so that it does not interfere with any other mods. Having mods will result in NOT able to play MTA.

- You have not selected the proper version of the game or your version is not supported. To select a version, open the MTA Client and use the drop down box on the top right area of the screen. Select the game version according to what you have installed. If 1.0 still leads to a crash, try 1.1 ... and vice versa.

- Make sure your language in the game is set to english (american.gxt). If you HAVE to have another language for whatever reason, please copy the corresponding *.gxt file out of the TEXT directory and into the MTA directory. Text may not display correctly, but the game will work.

- You have not installed the MTA files in the proper locations or with the read permissions. When the game starts, the MTA Client needs to modify certain things on run-time so that it may function properly. To fix this either re-install MTA with the Client Setup, or make sure the following directory structure is follow:




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I have the same problem.

Could the problem be that I have a german gta-vc.exe?

I´m trying for three days and I can´t find the problem!

Please Help!

Sorry for my english! I'm German! :wink: *g*

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