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I was just wondering...

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who started MTA?

whos idea was it to make a Vice City MP mod in the first place?

I know alot of people helped in the making of MTA, but i would like to personally congratulate the person who thought of this(not like it would mean much to them :lol: )

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wow i was looking over that MTA team page and,

i am glad to be Canadian!

the lead programmer(Cray) is Canadian! wow

if you are reading this Cray...... I idolize you!

I love you.

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Twice now, that´s not even a record
lol, just for a change I got a post deleted.

Heh, funny how the only constructive reply came from a non-moderator

Calling him the stalker, lol, don´t you realize that people who reply in a normal fashion either gets banned or thier posts deleted.

Freedom of kiss ass speech, the 3 of you exercising that right to the fullest.

lol Bishop i have no idea what you just said or what ur talking about but...i agree

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