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MTA start game wont work plz help

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i installed Mta for gta vc and i got i clicked on the program and i put in my nickname and then i clicked on servers then double clicked a server then it sed Warning:Your Vice City game version could not be be determined (defaulting to version 1.0). then i clicked ok. then i clicked on a server to play on then i clicked start game and then it sed find gta.exe to play on then i located that then i clicked start game and nothing happened. Plz help me ive been trying to work this out for days plz help me.

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well delete the file again if its still in there then if u have ati graphics card u got to the ati site, if u have nvidia then u go to there site, and after u deleted that file, u gotta run the same in sp sort your res and controls out, then start game in sp after all the cut scenes quit game, reinstall mta then try

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Also there was a file inside it called GTAVCsf1.b, should i delete this? Would this solve my problem?

That's just the savegame file, don't delete it unless you want to complete everything again.

I'd say the safest solution is to get a fresh install of VC installed, then reinstall Multi Theft Auto. Just get rid of that LC crap :P

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Guys do u think i would hav to download mtaserver.exe (patch)


If single player doesn't work then the problem obviously isn't with MTA. My advice: uninstall GTA and then go to your Program Files directory and make sure that all of the files are gone (if not, delete them). Then delete your gta-vc.set file in My Documents and reinstall GTA and then MTA.

You could also try installing newer video, sound and/or chipset drivers (it wouldn't hurt).

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