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locking up when trying to join a game and finding the VC exe

Guest tenstrum

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Hey guys!

I've just donwloaded and installed MTA for Vice City. I can browse and join a server, however when i try to start the game, it pops open a window wanting to know where the Vice City EXE is. I try to point it to the correct location, but nothing happens and the explorer window stop responding. I am forced to End Task it. I've let it set there for 15 minutes hopping that it would let me select the correct path to the VC EXE, but it does nothing and uses 99% of my CPU.

Any ideas?

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From the Known Issues thread:

Freeze when client tries to display dialog asking for game path

There have been a couple of occurence of this, and we'd be interested to see why this is. You can avoid it by manually setting the path in the mta.ini in your game folder (not windows folder anymore). If you have this problem, can you please create a system info profile (Start -> Run -> "systeminfo > c:\sysinfo.txt") (no quotes) then email me the file sysinfo.txt on your c: drive (email is eAi[at]opencoding[dot]net).

For Vice City, your mta.ini should contain (replace the path if necessary):

Location=C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\gta-vc.exe

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