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Hello Ladies

Today i wanna suggest to add favorites list into Map Editor Object choose! as its hard to remember all needed objects Ids and be able to add object to that list when its needed

or at least use Most used objects list to save time as many times when you find object you like for first time you dont keep its ID when you start other map!

so i believe its needed for the mapping community or at least to help make mapping much easyer! 


Vote +1 if you like this suggestion! and cya

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But, you can add this. The resource editor is open source.

Edited by Iaan

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can we also be able to remove Graffiti ? drawn on Buildings? because i'm trying to but itsnot getting removed also Object ID 1412 in SA-MP and GTA San Andreas<---- this fence trying to remove it but i can't that is annoying when i'm trying to make a map and its the only thing that not allowing me to complete my map.

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