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Please, I need only this help to make not overpowered guns like minigun..... That person who made that script it doesn't work , I tried to fix that but no luck...Please, how many times do I have to ask ? I will learn , but help me with this plz people..... :/

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You say this would be your last request but im 100% sure that you are going to request another free resource in a few days (or hours :$).

We can help you if you show interest in learning. We are not slaves and we are not going to do your server scripts for free.

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Its my last request please , I don't call you slaves, you are people that knows how to script, I don't know how to call but... I need this script please !  

  1. function weapondamage()
  2. setWeaponProperty("minigun", "pro", "damage", 2)
  3. end

For some reason this doesn't work maybe I do something wrong in meta file..... Can you solve  this ? Only this ? PLEASE!!!!!! 

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That means the code you showed us above was never executed. That's because the function is not attached to any event handler.

Try this code:

addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, -- resourceRoot == the resource that just started (this resource)
function ()
	setWeaponProperty("minigun", "pro", "damage", 2) 


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