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How to change your MTA Forums username

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If you want to change your MTA Forums username, you are now able to do it yourself without the need of asking a Forum Administrator for help.

You can find the option for changing the forum username (also known in IPS as Display Name) in the Account Settings, located in the collapsible menu in the top-right corner of the page (near your forum avatar and nickname).
You can also visit this link to get to the username change page directly:

However, before you change your username, please acknowledge the following:

  • To prevent the abuse of the feature, you can change your username only once per 180 days (or more) since the last change.
    • If you have changed your username recently, but thought that you would want your previous one back, we will not restore your previous nickname on request.
    • Likewise, if you have changed your username, but do not like it, then we will not change your username to something else before your username change cool-down period expires.
  • Please do not use comma characters , in your nicknames, as that will break some things for your account.
    • For instance, you will not be able to receive Private Messages from other users.
      • Note that if that is actually what you want (you do not want to receive PMs), you can simply disable the messenger feature. An option for that is located at the bottom of the page in the Private Messages Inbox.
  • Do not change your nickname to impersonate MTA Team members and Forum Moderators (or possibly any other well known MTA Community figures).
  • Regular Forum Rules still apply to forum username changes.

Therefore, please think well before you change your username.

-- MTA Team

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Nice feature :D. When is there going to be a possibilty of restarting the post count and post stats like post per day.

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