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VCEC problem


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I know now that people are mad at VCEC, and that a rumor is being spread that we mod. We do not. We have no mods on our Vice City for MTA, not one single mod. We have removed them all, with a clean install of Vice City.

Now, about the VCES typos. I kept typing them on accident, because I kept thinking that people were going to think that we stole the idea. So they have been fixed. We want you to know that I have been wanting to have a police force of my own on MTA, and that is all im doing.

We want to appologize for any mis-understanding, and we have a shout box on the site and a chat room if you feel like leaving us a message.



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that banner is a moded version of Vice City, give it up kid you mod

Richard Johnston

News May 2, 2005 [VCEC]Focus

Ok, its official. We are taking vice city deluxe off our computers. No mods. Just for the info, we never hacked. Ok. Thank you for reading, and thank you even more for any forgiveness

Ill believe that when i random screenshot you.

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Its easy to mod your game, but not using any cheats, just custom cars.

what do you mean by that? :scratch:

As in he could still hack , just have all moded cars. But no trainers or anything obvious. Custom cars, such as a faster then normal car being an advantage over another.

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No one seemed to realize that I said I used(past tense dumbasses) car models only. No physics were affected. But now everyone believes "omgz0rz, he us3z h4x0rz! wah!" It really pissed people off that much just over damn car models(remember, no other hacks or any affected physics), so i just got a separate install for MTA. People still arent, happy, so WTF is it that you want me to do?

Going into a server getting called "hacker" or "modder" or "that friggin VCEC dude" isn't very fun. So, wtf is the problem, get it out. Cuz what could I do? Come to your house on the other side of the world?

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Unfortunately for you oyster, but rather fortunately for us, cheating of any kind is viewed with hatred by the community. Once a gang is shown to have done so history shows it will never be able to shake that off. Your options? Up to you, but I would suggest that VCEC wouldn't figure in them for much longer.

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Well you cant install custom cars in MTA, if you do you get a crc check error.

no u will not..if u know a trick..... :oops:

/me shuts up

as for VCEC ....don't lie...u r using VC Deluxe which affects .col and .cfg so u change cars physics and driving (ok, ok, 'changed')... it's not smart.... and also VCD changes some 4 doors into 2-doors and vice-versa so it just crashes more often tough :|

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Just their reading. But I don't really think that Messina should really be getting up on me about this deal, because I do remember some night this week you seemed to hack. Like, how fast you got up off the ground, how it was faster than everyone else, how you ran so fast, running you over with a car didn't drop your HP... that kind of thing. I mean, I left after I really noticed alot of it. If I were to hack/mod, why would I get mad about others doing it also?

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