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Rules for gangwars

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Thought we were missing a rules thread so heres my take on them :D

Ground rules The basic rules

1) No modding/cheating/trainers/hacking etc.

2) No pausing during any round, and is recommended no pausing at all.

3) No glitching, however it must clear to both sides what is meant by glitching

4) 3 rounds. 1 attack, 1 defense, 1 Free for all/Team deathmatch:

-Teams should choose a specific base with easily marked parameters to define the base area.

-Only 1 unspecified member of the team has to be in this area at all times whilst defending.

-Once both teams are ready one clan will attack the others base. And the second round this will be reversed

-Once a person dies then they are not allowed to respawn and they are out of the round.

-Round 3 is a free for all round where every person roams free. Once a person is killed then they are out of the round.

General Match rulesRules that can be used for when you play untrustworthy clans and avoids most unplesentries

1) Any spawn but the Vice city crusader may be used. (This is due to the armor bug making some clans feel uncomfortable)

2) No pickups before any round begins, however pickups off dead bodies may be used.

3) Car killing allowed.

4) Helikill's disallowed, however heli's can be used for transportation for both teams in any of the 3 rounds.

5) Even sides (usually 5v5 - 8v8 )

6) No defending in the 3rd round. This would be setting up all/most of your members in specified positions in any base-like area that may seem pre-planned, however fighting can occur in these areas.

7) Bases must not include any loadable interiors or warp points. (Bank, Stadium etc.)

8 ) Bases must be reachable by foot. Any part of the base unreachable by foot is not part of the base and any player in these areas will be defined as out of base. However it is understandable to allow this player to get back "into" their base if they are the only defending player left.

9) Bases cannot be spawn points.

10) If a player crashes and is deemed in combat they are out of that particular round. However if that player is deemed out of combat then they may respawn.

On the event on any rule being broken the effected clan can decide weather to continue the round, redo the round, claim the round or cancel the match depending on the severity of the rule broken. (I.e. A helikill will normally result in a redo, however cheating would cancel the match)

Popular modified rulesRules which can be used with more trusting clans which allows more freedom but can induce problem explained below in green

1) Pickups:

- Shotty pickups allowed, but other pickups disallowed. (This gets rid of any problems with cop cars, however lowers usage of the cop)

- All pickups allowed but the flamethrower, Molotov's and grenades where these are not to be used by the spawn characters either. (This gets rid of any possible nade/molie glitching, but reduces the overall weapons you can use, completely riding of fire and explosions)

- All pickups allowed but the flamethrower. (This gives less attention on what spawn people choose and will take longer to set up, however giving players more options and therefore better rounds and satisfies players uncomfortable with the flamer thrower strengths)

- All pickups allowed. (Same as above but people are happy playing with and against the flamethrower)

2) Vehicles:

- Car kills and helikills disallowed. (Makes it mostly a weapons fest, however accidents do happen which could cause problems)

- Car kills and helikills allowed. (Ads more of a GTA feel to the match and could prove some proper good fun, however people believe helikills are too easy)

3) Bases:

- Any base can be used including loadable interiors, high bases, and spawnpoints. (This allows more variety in what you defend, however this opens up some "stupid bases" and can frustrate attacking players)

- Spawnpoints may be used. (This wouldn't open it up as much as any base allowed and could be used even with lest trustworthy clans but can cause trouble on un-even sided matches)

4) Un-even sides:

- Players can play as normal, just with less people 8v5 or so forth. (This would have to agreed with the disadvantaged team, however can prove some good old fun)

- Players can play as normal however the amount of players they have less than the opposing team is given to them in respawns. These may be taken by any dead member of the team at any time and this who takes them does not have to be specified before hand. (This can make a match fairer for any uneven side, but it just isn’t the same )

5) Any spawn is allowed. (This allows people to use the crusaders advantages, however is recommended player against trustworthy players or keeping a good eye out )

Any additions or suggestions more than welcome

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cs2 is vcc spawn, if somebody defend that that is disallowed too?

This is not 1 set of rules for all gangwars but more a reference for anyone that would want to consider gangwars but unsure of the rules of MTA. This has happened a lot in my experience and i thought it wouldn't be bad if we refrenced these somewhere. Use whatever rules you wish aslong as oth teams agree :wink:

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