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Simple but really necessary sugestion

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Lord Henry    32

Hello Everyone.

My suggestion is to change the Blending Weather System.

Nowadays, the only way to change the blending duration is using setMinuteDuration.

But this isn't enough because my server uses real time minute duration (60000 miliseconds every minute). While this, the blending weather needs 2 real time hours to complete it's cycle, this is too much! Also, there's some weather IDs that I want to have different blending durations from the others, but if I change the minute duration, this will change the server clock 'speed.

I think there should be more arguments to the setBlendingWeather, like blending duration.

Example: If I want to blend a storm in 3 real time minutes (3 game hours). I could use:

setWeatherBlended (8, 180000)

This will blend the weather ID 8, in 180000 miliseconds, like the 'setTimer'.

By default, this timer will always be 120000 because it's 2 game hours.

If I use the current code:

setWeatherBlended (8)

This is the same as this:

setWeatherBlended (8, 120000)

PS: Using the setMinuteDuration client side is not an option.

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