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banned.lst adds IPs on its own. Friends cant come in server.

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I have no idea whats going on. I made my own server. Things were going pretty good. Until my clan members and loyal players started getting banned. My password didnt leak. I empited the Banned.lst file using word and notepad. But about every 10 mins, it fills up with IPs. I tried deleting it, but it just reappeared in the folder. Can someone please help me? My clan leader uses mtama and he said it banned him cause it thought he was a bot. I really need help on this. :evil:

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i am the leader of vcs this is been comfuseing first i thought i was buster

(hacked out server banning me i fixed tht) i never told any1 the pass and it's wired i had a power failure 4 days before and i almost had to reinstall xp and it was ok incase it curropted the ban took place last night

could the power failure ban me i reinstalled mta no use

plz help


PS buster cheats

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