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3 strikes warning system

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  • MTA Team

Lots of people are confused either on what they are or what they do...

if you break the rules and a mod or team member considers it a bad enough offense, you will get a warning (you will be pm'ed when you get the warning and it may contain a description if its not obvious what you did wrong).

3 warnings is just like California's 3 felony strikes rule, you get 3, you are automatically banned.

Of course, it is still possible to ban on the spot but that only happens people on suicide runs.

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  • MTA Team

Yes but yet some people still aren't getting it.. I guess they don't get the pm popup or something (I used to have that problem, even though I had notification on).

I've been noticing so many people get warnings and bans and it looks as if no one did anything.

Well, even though they say they did nothing, they certainly did do something because we don't just warn people without good reason.

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