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Send something to the server-side

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Hi all,


I'm busy with a trucker job resource for my server.

But i have a problem with hiding the marker and blip when the player get's out of the truck.

The markers are created at the client-side but i have no idea how i could send the marker and blip to the server-side (to hide).


addEventHandler("onClientVehicleExit", root,
		local Truck = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer )
		if Truck and getElementModel(Truck) == 403 then


function HideBlipMarker ( thePlayer )
	setElementVisibleTo ( *Marker, thePlayer, false )
	setElementVisibleTo ( *Blip, thePlayer, false )

Can somebody help me please :)

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I recommend to create mission markers and blips clientside. Less bandwidth for players that do not do the mission, less element managing required serverside and less problems with:


Which has to be called again for new joining players.


But do what suits you best! :P

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