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Anyways I dont know about this but ur right. Anyways the illmob member had created a bot and banned everybody. Or some kind of unknown person used a bot to ban every1 such as spork666.

Anyways I no why l0ngb0ng hacked the website. Its because he's a lazy ass kid who really knows nothing about computer comunication except for destroying it.

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I think spork007 was always in the channel. If it was from l0nb0ng i dont think it would have been given op..

Anyways isnt there another way to tell l0ngb0ng to stop hacking the sa-mp website and let sa-mp to say their final words? Such as kicking him, banning him from the IRC and the forums, etc.? Maybe we can look up his IP and tell the FBI to arrest this l0ngb0ng and the illmob crew.

Edit: I cant call the FBI because I dont live in the states.

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hooah, tha movie beat the shit out of me, im waiting for this so hard 8)

Edit: is there no car color sync? coz on XcR screen the Cheetah is red and on Jax it's yellow. That's the only bug i saw :P

Yes there's vehicle colour sync. I frapsed both times, different car :wink:

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