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lol :lol: stuck up aswell it seems.

ZZZ:'Don't you think you should have a bit more respect for each and every member of the team? It's their forum, it's their choice what action to take, even if he did'

I respect the mta team, for most of them are nice people on the whole. MrBump however is a different case.

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So what point are you trying to make exactly? I really doubt anyone cares,

Maybe its catching, alot of the VCES seem to be disrespectful nowadays :?

They probably care as much as i do of your opinion, but seen as this has nothing to do with anyone else then i couldnt care less.

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first of all, let's find the logic in this.

maybe bump could make a special topic for complaints/disgruntled comments. everyone should be entitled to their opinions.

sure, trash the vulgar posts. i agree with bump on idiots making stupid posts.

however, most people who've been complaining lately are veteran players, very respectable people within the MTA community.

keeping players from stating their personal opinions is not something normal people do.

in this case, i can understand vulgar posts being deleted and punishing them. no doubt.

but to close someones mouth because someone disagrees with it, is absurd, and surely the whole of the MTA team would agree with me.

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It would be yes, which of course is why it doesn't happen. Here anyway. Baseless accusations are just that I'm afraid, Baseless.

It is hardly surprising that slanderous and/or insulting posts regarding a team member are removed, perhaps the offenders would be wise to think before they post.

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