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MTA clone

Guest atlantis

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ok i was watching "electric playground" or maybe it was "reviews on the run" and there was a gta multiplayer clone/single payer it looked pretty cool im not sure if its out for pc, it would be really awesome if you guys could help me remember the name, thanks

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thanks but i mean an actually game that came out for xbox or somthing i seen it reviewed not a mod, nooffence i love mta and the clones, but im looking for that offical game that i seen

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I have gta sa damn i will never figure it out lol

Quotes my self they were comparing it to the gta's and said the single player wasnt as good at the multiplayer for the game

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maybe they meant 2-Player mode on PS2 :roll:

yawns i suck at explaining things maybe its the way i wrote it but this game is an offical game, made by ea or some comanpie, and is not ( GTA), or (true crime) or any of them it is its own game and the reason its so good is because it has online mode

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