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Blacklisted for NO REASON!


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[28/04/2005 20:53] >> Connecting to as =NSA=Sn[A]kE

[28/04/2005 20:53] Warning, =NSA=Sn[A]kE's subnet matches '{JON}TMD<', who was banned

[28/04/2005 20:53] PM from Admin: Global Statistics is enbled on this server. For more information type "/msg stats help"

[28/04/2005 20:53] PM from Admin: This server has Nick-Server enabled. Register your nickname today!

[28/04/2005 20:53] PM from Admin: For more information type "/msg help"

[28/04/2005 20:53] =NSA=Sn[A]kE: darkman?

[28/04/2005 20:53] [DA][)ARKMAN: yes

[28/04/2005 20:53] \NwB/_Capz spawned as Cop

[28/04/2005 20:53] [DA][)ARKMAN: !blacklist 8

[28/04/2005 20:53] '=NSA=Sn[A]kE' is blacklisted by admin '[DA][)ARKMAN': No reason.


[28/04/2005 21:15] >> Connecting to as =NSA=Hieu

[28/04/2005 21:15] >> Connecting to as =NSA=Hieu

[28/04/2005 21:15] PM from Admin: '=NSA=Hieu' Is banned,IF You Feel You Have Been Wrongly Banned, then Please Go To http://www.tlr-clan.co.uk, Thank You.

[28/04/2005 21:15] Banning '=NSA=Hieu' Reason: Blacklisted


OK So Why Am I Blacklisted? WTF Have I done? Nothing. So Why do i deserve this? I have no cheating history! Take me off please

my IP:

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The blacklist option in GRS is only on THAT server.. and basically its a name and IP ban.. so if that name joins again it will be banned.

Yes, I am the only one who can gloally blacklist from GRS, as Aeron is the only one who can globally blacklist from MTA:mA

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