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Crazy Serbs again (a question for mod-creators)

Guest Mr.M

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Can you create a MTA mod that he can have people in it _like in a original VC) where I can, with some other guy, play original misions? 8)

Pozdrav svima u Srbiji!

Поздрав свима у Србији!

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It is possible, like most things. But it isn't something we plan to do as it would be an entirely new direction for MTA.

Another team that hoped to make a gta multiplayer mod seemed to be keen to make it coop, but i believe they are now working on DM in a similar fashion to MTA.

Perhaps someone else will begin work on a coop mod.

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Ok, thank you.

I have another question.

Why i must to connect to the internet if i want to create a LAN MTA DM game?

Is there a bots for MTA?Because I have only two computers in network (LAN Network).

My site : http://www.zik.co.sr I like to create a maps for Counter-Strike

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