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My girls computer -

Athlon 64 3000+ socket 754

2x 512mb Kingston PC3200


250gb DiamondMax 10 16mb cache SATA

200gb Maxtor IDE

Galaxy 6600GT

Black Ferrari case with Neon Fans placed correctly for good airflow

17" TFT CTX Flatscreen

yup, its all black matching TFT, case, keyboard + mouse


Webcam can be installed if requested :P

EDIT - the overclocked had to be downclocked - i get spanked for it cos im addicted.

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Jani aint u the guy on the DNA forum who had a 3ghz Athlon 2800 ? ;)

i was, until i bought HL2 and it didnt work and the FAQ said that "if you are overclocking any components in your computer you should set it back to its original clock speed"

ill probably bump it back upto 3ghz soon when i get my watercooling back

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thats a pretty sweet over overclock from a 2800 m8, nice one.

What multi, fsb ? voltages ? temps ? stability tested ? any bridge modding ?

C'mon tell me am interested ! :)

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Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 2 (5.1 - 2600)

Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz Processor

1 GB 266 DDR SDRAM (PC 2100)

Maxtor 40 GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive

Seagate 200 GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive

ATI Radeon 9600 XT 256 MB 4x/8x AGP Video Card

BCM V.92 56K Voicemodem (shocker? =P)


Hrhr. ;P

I have that same keyboard :shock:

ASUS P4PS 800 motherboard

512 MB DDR Ram 2100 (supposed to be 1GB)

Intel Celeron D processor 2.40 Ghz (overclocked at 2.52 Ghz)

ATI All in wonder 9600 series 128MB with a remote and built in tv tuner

Western Digital 200 GB hard drive

450W Power Supply

Earthlink high speed Cable 5.0 mbps internet

4X4X12 DVD burner


52X32X52 CD burner

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Here you go. Notice the messiness of my desk. That shows how much I am on the computer, compared to how much I clean my room. What you don't see is the not-enough-space edition Hard Drives, 2x 20GB.

Edit: Picture of my screen, click it once to make it full size so u can read it. Or at least my computer does that. If not here are specs:

1.6ghz P4

768MB PC2100 RAM

Ge-Force 5200 128MB


48X CD-R

gah... not a very great PC, but I got it for free since my dad gets the old PC's from work. Its really good with Vice City.



Brophy has a sweet box, I wish my PC was like that. EDIT: Today when I get home, im setting up my 2 channel video card and two LCD's. Sweetage.

I got a laptop, that just bit the dust. So im working on fixing it... Power plug on the back popped off again, last time, I had to make a custom one and solder it on. I need to get it to work, because my website stuff is on it.. http://www.guitarextra.com/ needs a good update, but I can't.

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I think the warrenty expired or however you word that. Yea, i guess ebay will work, just get a screen as an early birthday present. But my parents will forget about that, so i'll still get somthing lol. I think i'll get some more ram for it before I put vice city on it.

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Well i pwn 2 pc's

one is a gateway dont know what model

64 mb ram

4 mb video card

15" monitor

cd burner

the other 1 hooah!!!!!

sony vaio PCV-rs100

1 gig ram

256mb nvidia (something) video card

16 X dvd burner

19 inch LCD screen

Custom vaio logo :)

wish i had a camera to put it in here

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Windows XP Professional SP2

Logitech 5.1 THX certified speakers (560 Watt)

ATi Radeon 9600 128mb

AMD Athlon XP 1800+ 1.54ghz (.18 micron, palomino core, BLACH)

Motherboard: Shuttle AK32A (blach as well)

512mb DDR266 (PC2100)

Sound Blaster Audigy 2

Yea.. I'm getting about $240 total over the summer. Then for Xmas, I get $150 limit to choose for stuff from my parent's, $150 from my grandma. Have them do a joint gift and slap together with some of my money (ill be getting my report card money as well, so add $30 more to my $240), and you get $570 total (maybe more) for my next computer upgrade at Xmas.


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Windows XP home SP2 (will be prof 64-bits soon)

ASUS socket 939 A8V deluxe

AMD 3500+ 64-bits

Nvidia Geforce FX 5700 special gamers edition

2x200 GB harddisk

1024 DDR-RAM

Sony Double layer DVD burner

AOpen DVD-ROM-drive

Creative Inspire p580 5.1 set

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actually didnt adobe buy macromedia...

im not posting my pc since its a lame pre-modded case thing :(

ive been planning to get a lian li pc65b for like the past 6months.. they cost so much here though

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